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Home Insulation in Western Washington


Need to insulate your house or have insulation installed in a house you’re building?  Check out EcoInsulate Northwest.  I had my attic insulated by them last winter and it cut my heating bill almost in half.  They do a spray foam insulation and can install...

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Latest Discovery!

I’ve been commuting from Tacoma to Bellevue for over two years now.  It’s 42 miles from my driveway to where I park at work.  With the price of gas being as high as ever I’ve been paying $10/each direction or roughly $20 a day for...

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Business Phone System


If you are a business small or large and are in need of a phone service/system check out voicebyip.com. I have been using this company for awhile now and the services and features are unmatched at an amazing price. I searched high and low for...

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Microsoft Got it Right!


What a nice suprise I had with my Microsoft Optical Notebook Mouse 4000. The usb receiver stopped working out of nowhere, I went on google and looked for troubleshooting information and I eventually ended up on a microsoft knowledgebase article . The final result of...

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