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Cisco – Setup DHCP Pool

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This is a very basic tutorial on how to get DHCP running on a Cisco router.  We’re going to enable the dhcp service, create the dhcp pool, specify the network; domain; 2 DNS servers and default gateway, we’re also going to exclude a range of IP’s from the Pool.  The network we’re going to setup is  We’re going to start the DHCP pool at, which should give us 155 IP’s (.100 – .254).  

How I have this written is as follows:

  • Bold is what you need to input into the router
  • Anything inside <xxx> is an option or name you get to choose.  DO NOT input <>, only the data within them

Here goes…

  1. Router> enable
  2. Router# conf t
  3. Router(config)# service dhcp
  4. Router(config)# ip dhcp pool <lan>
  5. Router(dhcp-config)# network < /24>
  6. Router(dhcp-config)# domain-name <domain.local>
  7. Router(dhcp-config)# dns-server <>  <>
  8. Router(dhcp-config)# default-router <>
  9. Router(dhcp-config)# <exit>
  10. Router(config)# ip dhcp excluded-address <> <>
  11. Router(config)# exit

Next we’re going to setup a static IP for a pretend DVR.  I’m going to assume by now, you know how to get to configure terminal (conf t)

  1. Router(config)# ip dhcp pool <DVR>
  2. Router(config)# host <>
  3. Router(config)# hardware-address <02c7.f800.0422> ieee802
  4. Router(config)# client-name <DVR>
  5. Router(config)# exit


Don’t forget to do a ‘write mem’ and ‘copy running-config startup-config’, or you’ll be doing this all over again next time you reboot your router.