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Latest Discovery!

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I’ve been commuting from Tacoma to Bellevue for over two years now.  It’s 42 miles from my driveway to where I park at work.  With the price of gas being as high as ever I’ve been paying $10/each direction or roughly $20 a day for those of you that can’t do math.  I started taking Sound Transit to work about a month and a half ago.   I got an O.R.C.A. card which gives you a reduced fare over paying cash. Now I’m paying $3.50 each way or $7 a day again for those of you who can’t do math.  I went from around $400 a month to $140 saving at least $260/month. I’m not stressed when I get home anymore from fighting traffic and it takes me the same amount of time to get to work and its quicker getting home, thanks to the bus’s ability to use the carpool lane! I able to work on projects on my laptop, read, listen to the radio distraction free and sleep if I want to. I always thought riding the bus would be nasty, like I’d be sitting next to some homeless guy who just pissed himself, but what I found is everybody is commuting just like me! Mo’ Money, less stress! Winning!

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