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Microsoft Got it Right!

What a nice suprise I had with my Microsoft Optical Notebook Mouse 4000. The usb receiver stopped working out of nowhere, I went on google and looked for troubleshooting information and I eventually ended up on a microsoft knowledgebase article . The final result of the article was to call the Microsoft Supplemental Parts. I called and talked to a guy named Dwayne. I told him how I had bought a mouse at Fry’s a month or two ago and he asked if I still had the receipt to which I answered, “yes”. I told him the date on the receipt and he told me because it was over 30 from date of purchase that he couldnt send me the part free of charge but that I would need to fax in the receipt and I would be sent a full refund. What? A full refund? From the evil conglomerate with no questions asked and no catch? I was absolutely amazed by this, I completely didnt expect it. Thanks Bill, your guys are doing ok by me!

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